Seed Mixes/Food Plots

Douglas SWCD has native grass and forb (flowers) seed mixes available to landowners for conservation practices. Our staff will assist landowners with seed mixes required for practices or custom mixes, if desired.

Native grass and forb plantings provide optimum habitat for wildlife and their deep root systems make them effective with erosion control.

Native Grass/ Forb Seed Mixes

327: Minimum of 5 species mix, at least 3 grasses/1 forb – minimum of 8lbs grass/4oz per acre
393: 4 or more species mix – lbs per acre is based on full rates
643: minimum of 15 species mix, at least 5 native grasses / 5 native forbs – minimum of 7lbs grass/16oz of forbs per acre
Pollinator: Minimum of 9 forbs, 3 from each bloom period – minimum of 3lbs grass/2lbs of forbs per acre

Food Plot Mixes

Pheasant / Turkey: Consists of wildlife sunflower, wildlife grain sorghum, FSG pearl millet and sugar graze II sorghum sudangrass
Deer Mix #1: Consists of forage peas, radish, turnips, and haybet barlet
Deer Mix #2: Consists of alsike clover, ladino clover, medium red clover, white dutch clover and chicory

If interested in ordering seed, please call the office today and staff can help you get the correct native mix!

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