Cost-Share Opportunities

What is Cost-share?

The Douglas SWCD applies for Federal and State grant dollars every year to address erosion and water quality issues throughout the county. This money is used to provide cost-share to landowners with erosion problems that otherwise would not be addressed due to the high cost of the projects.

Douglas SWCD currently has funding to provide 60-75% cost-share to landowners in the area on the map. Qualified landowners utilizing this funding only have to pay 25-40% out of pocket for their project.

What Projects qualify for funding?

  • * Active erosion sites
  • * Storm water running into surface waters
  • * Must be property owner (not renting or leasing)
  • * Your property is within the indicated grant area on the map

How to apply for cost-share

Contact the office today!
Staff will evaluate your property to determine if you qualify for cost-share. If you qualify we will work with you to desgin a project for your property to correct and prevent any erosion issues currently there. On all projects, native buffer is required to be planted and maintained.
If your property doesn’t qualify for cost-share, staff can still provide technical advise.